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Forget It!

Everyone has stress; it’s a normal part of life. Getting up, going to work, driving a car, having a disagreeable discussion, catching a cold, and a poor night’s sleep are staples in the diet of everyday men and women. The … Continue reading

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253. On the Edge of a Great Chasm

There was a scene from many years ago when I was so anxious and the tension in my body so great that it felt as if I had two hernias in my groin that were ready to explode. In meditation, … Continue reading

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204. Ten Ways to Reduce Stress

Meditation and yoga can help separate you from stress. Physical activity releases chemicals that combat anxiety and depression. Be careful with how much caffeine you take in. Maybe switch from coffee to green or black tea. Practice good time management … Continue reading

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203. The Citadels of Stress

I was reading an article called Stress and Your Health on a site called and found interesting information on the most likely places and situations that embrace stress like no other. The number one cause of stress is your … Continue reading

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199. The Rest of the Story

Bob’s stress test story related in the previous blog adds another dimension to the stress bucket concept. In addition to avoiding too many high-stress situations at one time, it is also possible to diminish the level of intensity for high-stress … Continue reading

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198. Bob’s Stress Test

The other day my friend Bob was telling me of a year in his life that was filled with an incredible set of high-stress circumstances that measured 18 on a stress chart of 20 points possible, an area marked in … Continue reading

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195. Stress Bucket 2

One reader commenting about my last blog said that I was telling my client to “get well and she would immediately feel better.” I need to explain things more clearly. Having gone through four years of depression myself, I am … Continue reading

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194. The Stress Bucket

As we all know, there is a very close connection between stress and the afflictions of depression and anxiety. I was coaching a client who had been struggling with low-grade depression for several years, which sometimes flared up into major … Continue reading

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