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254. Pray for Mercy

The Sunday before last, I saw a woman in church whose face showed deep depression. Throughout the service, she was comforted by her husband and small daughter, though her countenance did not change. I knew that look, for I had … Continue reading

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217. The Problem of Fear

There is an important lesson I learned in facing the onset of depression, which helped me deal with it in a different way. At one time in my life, when I felt the grip of depression, my mind would start … Continue reading

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208. Taken to Task

This is what I wrote in my last blog. “If such fears threaten to drive you into depression, shout “Stop!’ as loud as you can, shutting the door of your soul to fear and putting boundaries around it.” My brother … Continue reading

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207. Put Boundaries on Fear

Fear is the ultimate condition that emboldens the lies of the world and the darkness within our souls. “I’m all alone and there is no one to help me.” “This upcoming terrible thing will put me under, and there is … Continue reading

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