282. Changing Your Thinking

Thinking Man

Round and round your mind goes: thinking about mistakes you have made, agonizing over a lost love, dreading the upcoming company reorganization.

It’s difficult to reign in your thoughts, nearly impossible in fact, unless you have something to replace them. If you stop trying to think about a troubling matter, to drop it from your mind, it becomes only stronger. You see, the mind doesn’t like a void: to take something away, you must replace it with something else – ergo, change your thinking.

Think back to something that went well in your life. Focus on God instead of yourself. Dwell on how you can help someone in grief. Start writing a book. It’s the last option that helped me triumph over my depression. I have published two books now and have recently completed a third. You may not be a writer, but I’ll bet there is something else that can focus your mind away from yourself. Find it and do it.

About Patrick Day

In 2010, I escaped from four long years of deep, dark depression. This blog shares lessons I learned from those years as depicted in my autobiography - How I Escaped from Depression - as well as other insights about depression and anxiety that only come from someone who has gone through it. When you have a heart attack, you become an expert in heart attacks. When you have diabetes, you become an expert in that condition. As such, I am an expert in depression, with a four-year experiential degree and graduate studies in how to live a life going forward that keeps the ever-lurking Depression at a healthy distance.
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