251. The Landscape of My Life

As I suffered through four years of depression, I prayed for divine healing – that is, Jesus healing me on the spot as He did with the man who was blind. God had another plan.

First was medication for my body. Twice since my depression lifted four years ago, I came off all medication, only to drop into depression again. I have finally come to accept I’ll be on an anti-depressant for the rest of my life.

Second came psychotherapy for my soul. My brother, a Christian psychotherapist with a ministry of inner healing, was of inestimable value; I had also visited other therapists closer to home. My psychotherapist now is the Holy Spirit. How can that be? It would take too many words to explain here.

Third came the presence of Jesus in my soul – my mind, will, and emotions. He had been in my spirit since my conversion, but I had not allowed Him to pour into my soul on a moment-by-moment basis until depression brought me to my knees.

I see more clearly now the landscape of my life.

About Patrick Day

In 2010, I escaped from four long years of deep, dark depression. This blog shares lessons I learned from those years as depicted in my autobiography - How I Escaped from Depression - as well as other insights about depression and anxiety that only come from someone who has gone through it. When you have a heart attack, you become an expert in heart attacks. When you have diabetes, you become an expert in that condition. As such, I am an expert in depression, with a four-year experiential degree and graduate studies in how to live a life going forward that keeps the ever-lurking Depression at a healthy distance.
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